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Welcome to the official website of The-West - Menu.

The-West - Menu is a modification for the browser game The-West, which is developed by InnoGames GmbH.
The-West - Menu uses some graphics and code snippets of The-West, but it is a pure fan project, that i develop in my free time.

The extension gives you the possibility to rearrange the menus of the game as you want. There are nearly no limits and there are no programing skills needed. You can use the proper user interface (which is directly implementet into the game) to modify the menus.
How you can easily customize the menus you can see in the usage on the upper screen edge.

But at first you have to install The-West - Menu on your computer.
How this works, you can see by clicking on Installation on the upper screen edge.

The-West - Menu already offers a lot of great features, which you can see, when you click on the button Features.
There you can also see the latest development status and development focus.

If you have any questions, preoblems or ideas, you can use the online form to contact me.